Relief Nurseries :

Oregon's Innovative Response to Families in Crisis

What are Relief Nurseries?

Relief Nurseries serve families with children aged 0-6 who are most at risk of abuse and neglect. 

Relief Nurseries are a critical safeguard against child abuse and neglect.

Oregon's 31 Relief Nurseries provide vital services to vulnerable families with children under the age of 6.  Programs build on family strengths and provide trauma informed services that build each family's protective capacity.


Relief Nurseries keep children safe and families together.
Oregon's nationally recognized Relief Nursery model provides high-risk families with the intensive support they need for their children to grow up safe, healthy and ready for school. Children participate in therapeutic classrooms with low adult-child ratios, and families receive home visits that promote nurturing environments where young children can thrive.


Relief Nurseries address the diverse needs of families through individualized case management. All Relief Nurseries provide parenting education, support through home visits and group activities. Many Relief Nurseries provide mental health care, counseling for domestic violence and support for adults recovering from addiction. Nurseries refer families to other programs, such as employment, housing and education opportunities, in order to take care of all the family's needs. 

OARN Mission Statement



OARN leads and sustains a network of

independent Relief Nurseries

through advocacy, resources development,

and quality assurance.







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