Relief Nurseries provide parenting education at all 31 sites. Using a strength-based model and an evidence-based curriculum, our parenting education classes provide families with tools they need to become successful. Contact us for more information regarding classes in your area.  

Relief Nurseries are a public-private partnership. We are supported by our local communities, more than doubling the legislature's contribution to Relief Nurseries in the 2015-2017 biennium. We have found a nearly 8:1 return on investment for Relief Nurseries. For each tax dollar spent, nearly $8 is avoided in costs associated with child abuse, unemployment, criminal behavior and other social issues. 


The low child-adult ratio in our therapeutic classrooms is sustainable because of our committed volunteers. We are always in need of classroom help.


But we need people of all talents and abilities to help us fundraise, organize events, fix broken pipes, plant our gardens and build our playgrounds. If you have have a passion, we will put it to work.





Find us: 

P.O. Bos 7672, Salem, OR 97303

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