Workforce Development & OARN

In our last few newsletters, we have talked a lot about the advocacy and marketing OARN does on behalf of Relief Nurseries across the state. This month we are highlighting what we do in the training and workforce development portion  of our work! 

Supporting the Relief Nursery workforce is done in many ways: facilitating trainings, organizing retreats for program leaders, seeking out grant opportunities for workforce focus projects, the list goes on!. 

Because of a generous grant from Oregon Community Foundation, OARN spent the last three years updating training manuals, as well as converting many trainings to online formats so that Relief Nursery staff around Oregon can have ready access to these important resources. 

Relief Nursery manuals & handbooks are used as guides when onboarding new staff, and are helpful for ongoing reference by current staff and supervisors.  These manuals were made in collaboration with Relief Nursery Inc as a joint project. All the content of these handbooks is reflective of the content of Relief Nursery core trainings, resulting in staff being  able to access consistent information in multiple formats no matter their location. 

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